Friday, October 3, 2008

Arêches-Beaufort comes to the Craigieburns

Had a great day ski touring south of Cheeseman yesterday with Jane and 3 Frenchmen, Joan, Pierre Luc and Jeremy. The french boys are from Arêches-Beaufort, the home of the Pierra Menta! The trio have been in NZ for about 3 weeks and have had some great ski touring, including Ruapehu, Remarkables, Mueller Hut area and now the Craigieburns. They even raced in the Ruapehu Ripper, with Joan just edging Gena out for the win! We started out skiing the glory lines, the chutes at the top of Tarn Basin. It's always fun skiing these as everyone (esp Stu and Ben) that gets off the Ridge T at Cheeseman is jealous when they see these getting skied.
Joan skiing one of the Tarn Basin chutes
After this we headed back to the top of Tarn and skied the mellow slope to the west of Tarn, into the Hut Stream's headwaters. Then we climbed to the summit of Mt Cheeseman (2031m).
The Frenchies deciding which line to ski
Jane headed back along the ridge to Cheeseman ski field and myself and the boys from Arêches-Beaufort skied the NW face of Mt Cheeseman into the Sth branch of Tim's Stream.
In Tim's Stream headwaters after skiing the NW face of Mt Cheeseman
We boot packed up firm snow in a N facing couloir and then along the ridge before dropping into Tarn Basin again. We joined onto our previous skin track and once on the ridge, skied back to Cheeseman ski area.
Booting along the ridge South of Tarn Basin
Thanks Jane, Joan, Pierre and Jeremy for yet another great day touring this year. Still a heap of great snow in the hills, make the most of it and get out skiing this spring!

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"The skier who forsakes the lifts to climb under his own power to a mountain summit is a very different person from the downhill only piste basher and is often regarded by the latter as something of a curiosity.
But he was the creator of the sport; and possibly with him lies the future"
-Robin Fedden, The book of Europen Skiing, 1966
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