Friday, August 1, 2008

Ski Mountaineering Race Highlights

The following is a highlight of Ski Mountaineering events I have done/plan to do NZ Winter 2009 04/07- Skin To The Summit- Coronet Peak, Queenstown- 2nd 21mins 05/09- CraigieBurner- Craigieburn Valley Ski Area DNS 19 & 20/09- The Tour- 2 day backcountry skiing teams race- Organiser August/September '09- Attempt a Speed Ascent Low Peak Mt Rolleston and attempt a sub 18hr "Symphony on Skis"- 5/09- 12hr 58min Symphony On Skis! Europe 2007/08 winter 19/01- French Vertical Champs- 750m ascent, 22nd, 29mins 27/01- Tour du Grand Veymont - 10th 09-10/02- TSF- day1 36th, day2 14th, 25th over all 17/02- Croix de Chamechaude (French singles champs)-21st 24-30/02- Ski Mountaineering World Champs-Short and Long Individual races 12-16/03- Pierra Menta- 4 day race, top finish 30th on day2, 40th overall. Grenoble 3 Massif Series- 3rd overall NZ 2008 winter 26/o7- Porters Dynafit Speed Up- Organiser 09/08- Rainbow Rando Rally- 1st 30/08- Ohau Blast- 1st 06/09- CraigieBurner- Organiser
"The skier who forsakes the lifts to climb under his own power to a mountain summit is a very different person from the downhill only piste basher and is often regarded by the latter as something of a curiosity.
But he was the creator of the sport; and possibly with him lies the future"
-Robin Fedden, The book of Europen Skiing, 1966
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