Sunday, March 1, 2009

Avalanche Peak Count Down

One of my bigger goals of the summer, the Avalanche Peak Challenge, is this weekend (7th March). Today I did only my 3rd run in over a month, not exactly great preparation, but that is the joy of being injured I guess. With R.I.C.E (rest, ice, compression and elevation) the shin splits/tendonitis I had in my lower right leg seems to have settled down, so after a 30min and 1hr earlier this week (as well as a few road cycles) I did 1hr20min run up the BR road, over Camp saddle in to the Craigiburn Valley and back to the BR road via Lyndon saddle. This run was my last run before getting injured 5 weeks ago, so it was a little bit of a head game, as I worried that it might be something about this particular run that injured me. My shin had a little niggle, but I iced it straight after and is now feeling fine. I worked a little hard than the last time I did the run, but did it about 10mins fast and felt I could have gone faster. Surprisingly I may not have lost as much fitness as I expected? I have have had the Suunto T6C for almost 2 months now, but it hasn't been till these last 3 runs that I have done that I really appreciated it. The T6C takes your heart rate, then using your activity level (my has dropped from about 8 down to 5) it calculations a training effect. I found this really useful as I have wanted to take things really easy as I am getting back into running. Will see how much time I have over this week, but hopfully will do a few more post Avalanche Peak Challenge posts.

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"The skier who forsakes the lifts to climb under his own power to a mountain summit is a very different person from the downhill only piste basher and is often regarded by the latter as something of a curiosity.
But he was the creator of the sport; and possibly with him lies the future"
-Robin Fedden, The book of Europen Skiing, 1966
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