Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ski Mo Race Transitions

I am certainly no expert on the subject, but I am well aware that in a ski mountaineering race transtions (were you go from skinning to skiing mode, or vise verse) are a huge part of a race, were time can very easily be gained or lost. As racers here in NZ get better and better, I am sure the transaction will start to have more of a roll in the results. Standing at the top check point of last winters Dynafit/Porters Speed Up race this was very evident, as I think 2nd- 6th place came down to the transition. To help those wanting to up the ante this coming winter I have uploaded some transition videos that Noel and I made last winter up at Temple Basin and they are on the side bar if you scroll down a little. Getting fast at transtions is not only good for racing. When Kath, Duncan, Jane and I did our Craigiburn Valley to Porters traverse last spring we did no fewer that 12 transtions. An average transition might be 5 mins, but with race gear and style we were spending closer to 1 min on transtions. Totaled up that's a saving of around 48 mins! If you have any questions, please asked via a comment and I'll try to answer them.

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  1. Dear Grant
    Is there a way I can stop my skins sticking to the carpet when I practice my transitions infront of the telly?


"The skier who forsakes the lifts to climb under his own power to a mountain summit is a very different person from the downhill only piste basher and is often regarded by the latter as something of a curiosity.
But he was the creator of the sport; and possibly with him lies the future"
-Robin Fedden, The book of Europen Skiing, 1966
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