Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Not to much in..................

Not to much in the blogging front for the last week. I was pretty busy late last week with the CraigieBURNER. I was organising and it was pretty stressful with all the new snow (about 40cm at Craigieburn), but we did manage to get a race, so that was good. I did a race report on the CraigieBURNER blog.
We did a bit of a tour the next day. It ended up a bit of a cluster and I learnt some good lessons. We had a big group and things got interesting when we got on a slope that was a little iffy. I think with the big group we all got a little complacent.
Been working a heap, as well as trying to spend my income for the next 20-30yrs.
Days off this weekend and the weathers looking OK. If things fall into place I think there will be some skiing do. Maybe speed climb or 2............

Alexis making turn's last Sunday

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  1. So are you keen for ski this weekend?
    I'll flick you an email.


"The skier who forsakes the lifts to climb under his own power to a mountain summit is a very different person from the downhill only piste basher and is often regarded by the latter as something of a curiosity.
But he was the creator of the sport; and possibly with him lies the future"
-Robin Fedden, The book of Europen Skiing, 1966
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