Saturday, October 3, 2009

Suunto T6C- 277hr51min, 110591m Review

After 277hr51min of training and 110591m of ascent I figure I should finally write something regarding
the Suunto T6C training watch, or should I say my "personal sports laboratory".
The T6C is my 2nd Suunto watch, the first being the ever reliable Altimax. The Altimax is a great watch and I found it great for tracking vertical while skinning, but I was keen to get something more training specified and I had been keen on a heart rate monitor for a while.
The T6C was the obvious choice being able to track heart rate, vertical ascent/decent and at what rate. The other cool thing the T6C has going for it is the Training Effect (TE) feature. The T6C calculates the TE by gathering information like your heart rate, max heart rate, activity level (how active you are) and weight. It then gives a real time TE which is like an overall look at your training, rather than your heart rate which just gives you a snippet of what's happening at that particular moment.
Rather than writing down all my workouts, I simply upload everything to my PC, which makes for some good reading. Not surprisingly July, August and September were my biggest months of training, with a little over 60 000 meters ascended in around 125 hours.
12hr58mins, 4260m vertical- Javi, Lorenzo and my t6c were the perfect companions for a "speedy Sympohny"
My lowest volume of training was during February when I managed a laughable 10.5 hours and 4500 vertical meters. This was when I had tendinitis in my shin and walking was a struggle.
If this isn't enough you can team the T6C up with a GPS and/or Foot Pod! I haven't had the chance to try any of the "Pods", but from what I understand you can get all kinds of feedback about your pace, stride, how fast you're going. The GPS Pod I could see being especially good for tracking distance and elevation gain/loss. Hopefully I will be able to report about the Pods at some stage.
As we all know the Germans are big on efficiency, so I think its speaks volums about the T6C when they are handing out awards to this watch - -
"Germany's Runner's World, one of the leading running magazines in the world, tested a range
of distance trackers in November 2008. Of the six models tested, the jury rewarded Suunto
t6c and Foot POD with the title "Runner's World Test Winners". Read more about this award
To find out more about the t6c, Suunto watches and where to buy one in NZ click HERE

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